Nuvo Group and Sheba Medical Center’s “Sheba BEYOND” Complete First Phase of Collaboration to Create Virtual Obstetrical Solution and Catalyze Research to Advance the Standard of Pregnancy Care


Early-stage collaboration includes evaluating a new virtual care regimen for managing gestational diabetes and using AI to develop personalized care pathways and predictive analytics

August 25, 2022 – Nuvo Group—the creators of INVU by Nuvo™, an FDA-cleared remote pregnancy monitoring platform, today announced that it has completed the first phase of its collaboration agreement with Israel’s Sheba Medical Center “Sheba BEYOND”, one of the top ten medical centers in the world (NEWSWEEK) and a world leader in biotechnology innovation.

The first phase of the partnership was a ground-breaking pilot program around the management of gestational diabetes, in which medically necessary non-stress testing (NST) was moved to remote home monitoring using INVU™ rather than performing traditional monitoring in a medical facility. Participating physicians prescribed INVU to pregnant women, who wore the sensor bracelet from home during the virtual visits. During these virtual visits anchored by the hospital’s Sheba BEYOND Virtual Hospital Platform, a live reading allowed the mother-to-be to access simplified data and information via the paired INVU app, while the provider received the more detailed fetal and maternal monitoring that OBs/GYNs are used to. to receive during office visits.

To provide a comprehensive virtualized care regimen, the pilot program also included the use of several other telemedicine solutions alongside INVU, including a remote ultrasound device, glucose monitoring and a urinalysis kit. home. In addition to providing a safe and proven regimen for the management of gestational diabetes, the program aimed to help patients and providers save time and ultimately improve the overall experience of care.

For the next phase of the partnership, Nuvo and Sheba intend to work together to integrate the INVU platform into standard hospital care protocols. They also plan to use the data collected through the pilot program to develop new AI tools with the goal of advancing pregnancy care management, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

“Our long-term goal is to provide pregnant women with the best maternal-fetal monitoring possible wherever they are – in our clinics, in the comfort of their own homes, or during their working day,” said Dr. Avi Tsur, high-risk pregnancy expert and director of Sheba’s Women’s Health Innovation Center and Sheba BEYOND’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Beyond telehealth platform. “The INVU fetal monitoring solution has the potential to be a catalyst for transformative care in a field of medicine that has lagged in innovation and new approaches for decades. I hope this pilot is just the beginning.

dr. Galia Barkai, Director of Sheba BEYOND added, “Sheba Beyond is constantly adopting cutting-edge technologies, which allow patients to receive the best care in the comfort of their homes. This collaboration is one step closer to our goal of providing high-level hospital care to everyone, everywhere.

“It is an honor to partner with a leading medical center like Sheba to bring Nuvo’s INVU technology to pregnant women in Israel,” said Kelly London, CEO of Nuvo Group. “The INVU platform is particularly beneficial for high-risk pregnancies that would otherwise require frequent office visits, which we know can become taxing on all sides. We look forward to the next phase of our partnership as we continue to work with Sheba to help provide safe and reliable remote care to even more patients.

“Sheba aspires to be the institution that comes to mind when you think of transformative healthcare,” said Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center. “We do this by staying ahead of the latest and greatest advancements, because we know that transformation through innovation is the fastest path to material change. We are excited about what this partnership with Nuvo can mean for the future of pregnancy care.

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