North Texas Plumbing advises DFW Metro medical facilities on selecting the right medical gas installers


DFW Metro Area Plumbers, North Texas Plumbing advises local medical service providers on how to verify and hire the right commercial plumber for their medical gas plumbing installation, maintenance and repair needs.

Medical gas plumbing is a niche within the plumbing industry and requires specialized knowledge to provide the reliable services that providers and medical facilities expect. Medical gas is an umbrella term for a wide range of gaseous compounds essential to modern medical procedures. Today, a medical service provider cannot build an infrastructure that serves to support and care for patients in a hospital setting, without being able to provide a continuous supply of medical gases.

The gases and gas mixtures that are pumped in medical facilities serve many purposes. Some are life-saving, such as oxygen and medical air, because of their ability to meet the respiratory needs of a struggling patient. This has proven particularly important since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease that affects the lungs and hampers the ability to breathe. Nitrous oxide is used for its anesthetic qualities. Nitrogen and medical vacuum power or support pneumatic surgical equipment.

All widely used medical gases have strict pressure and temperature requirements at which they must be pumped to meet their intended medical use. The supply of medical gases must also be reliable as any interruption or erratic supply would mean that the patient at the other end of the facility could suffer serious or even fatal consequences.

The need to have a detailed knowledge of the plumbing infrastructure along with the additional knowledge of the chemistry of medical gases makes being a medical plumber a job with a high entry threshold. Medical gas piping specialists must also be high-performing professionals who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and are aware of the consequences of failure on the jobsite. Additionally, plumbers must even keep up to date with local laws and regulations that dictate the standard that medical gas installations must meet in their state, county, or city.

Master plumber and owner of North Texas Plumbing, Marc Sims explains how to choose the best medical plumber, saying, “Calling yourself a medical gas plumber isn’t one of those nebulous titles you get in other industries, whatever whatever your skills, knowledge or experience. This is a tightly regulated niche within an industry that is also known for demanding high quality standards from its workers. So, the first thing you need to check and get assurance is whether the employees of the plumbing company are certified to provide the services in which they claim to have expertise. In Texas, the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE) has specified that the Medical Gas Piping Installer endorsement can be added to a Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, or Plumbing Instructor license. To be eligible to take the exam that qualifies you for this certification, you must currently be licensed as a Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, or Plumbing Inspector in Texas and you must have completed a TSBPE-approved 24-hour training course. All of the handpicked and vetted medical gas plumbing contractors at North Texas Plumbing meet these state-mandated requirements. Additionally, we are also fully licensed and insured for medical gas work. So call us today and talk to our representative to find out why we are rated the best commercial plumbers in Dallas Fort Worth Texas by our customers.

North Texas Plumbing Services has received rave reviews from Texans as it currently has a perfect 5.0 review rating out of 5.0 out of 12 reviews on its Google My Business listing. The latest review praises the company’s medical gas plumbing services saying, “They did a gas line job at the medical office where I worked. They were reliable, reasonably priced and very professional. Highly recommend!”

Readers looking for the best medical gas plumber in the Dallas Fort Worth area can contact North Texas Plumbing at (817) 371-0709.


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