Joe Freudenberger celebrates 15 years at OakBend Medical Center | Health


Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center, is thrilled to celebrate 15 years of dedicated service. After completing his MBA in Finance from Tulane University, Joe began his career in healthcare, spending 10 years at Deloitte Consulting, working with major healthcare clients, 11 years as a CFO of two different hospitals and the past 15 years as CEO of the Fort Bend County Independent. , non-profit OakBend Medical Center.

Over the past 15 years, Joe Freudenberger has been intimately involved in the restructuring of almost every department.

By changing OakBend’s strategy to focus on excellent patient care, experienced and professional staff, state-of-the-art healthcare areas, ongoing community involvement and support, marketing and intense public relations, diverse partner models, and fiscal prudence, Joe and his team have made OakBend Medical Center a major health care beacon in Fort Bend County.

“Joe Freudenberger has been an incredible leader at OakBend,” said Dr. May Tape, Chairman of the Board. “Rarely do you get to work with someone so committed not only to the well-being of the entire OakBend system, but also to our community. He attends most Fort Bend events and is always a financial supporter. He truly believes in the success of Fort Bend County and its people.

Some of the improvements made to OakBend Medical Center over the past 15 years include:

Complete Jackson Street Campus Upgrade

Renovation of all patient rooms

Upgraded all waiting areas on floors to make them family areas

Opening of the Williams Way Campus

Converting Wharton to OakBend

Opening of 5 outpatient surgery centers

Opening of 22 physiotherapy facilities

Opening of 4 imaging facilities

Opening of 4 OakBend Medical Group sites

The accomplishments Joe is most proud of are that OakBend was able to maintain an independent hospital and that during his tenure as CEO, OakBend provided over $350 million in unpaid care to those in need in Fort County. Bend.

OakBend Medical Center is very fortunate to have a caring and compassionate leader like Joe Freudenberger. His door is always open, and his ears are always available for comment. Thank you, Joe, for the past 15 incredible and progressive years.


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