Improve roads and medical services before building new housing, readers say


SWINDON’s infrastructure needs to be improved before hundreds of new homes are built, Adv readers said.

Highworth councilors first raised concerns about freeways when plans for the 1,552 housing units, primary school and open public spaces were submitted in December 2017, but they said their fears went unheeded .

The field development east of the A419 near the Blunsdon bypass would initially have only one entry and exit to the site on Cricklade Road.

A second track – a new bridge over the A419 – would be built after the sale of many houses.

Here’s what you thought of the problem:

Andrew Little: “Here we go again, more houses toppling over. They won’t worry about the chaos that this will obviously cause, or the disruption of people’s lives, or listen to people’s objections.

“I just don’t see the need for all of these new homes.”

Greg Austin: “Building more homes won’t help a single tenant if they can’t afford it. Tadpole Garden Village has homes starting at £ 330,000.”

Daniel Adams: “The problem is, most of the people who oppose building new homes already have their own homes.

“I have yet to find someone who is forced to rent who is against building more houses. There is a shortage of houses, this shortage is being resolved.

“Someone who rents a house is probably not looking for a house with 330,000 houses. One of the factors behind the extremely high cost of housing in the UK is the lack of supply. Build enough new houses and this price can be controlled. ”

Phil Clarke: The infrastructure can’t cope at the moment. There are also four new subdivisions under construction in Blundson.

“The hospital is actually shrinking because of all these new developments, it was way too small before it was even finished …

they have to build another hospital before they approve other subdivisions, the government has to understand that. ”

Martha Ellen: “Not to mention the pollution.”

Perry Barrett: “How about a second hospital north of Swindon? ”

Bartlomiej Piekut: “No new hospitals or GP surgeries. What about supporting businesses to grow and employ people? What about the infrastructure for electric car owners? What about higher education to keep the most talented people in town?

Neil Tinson: “What’s going on with the council and planners keep building houses without road infrastructure, it’s not rocket science. If you are going to build houses, why not improve the road network with it? ”

Hannah Carroll: “Some of us need a place to live, though. There haven’t been any homes to bid on for five weeks now.”

Ian Taylor: “There are now traffic jams in Cold Harbor during rush hour. May God help us in a few years then with all these new homes popping up everywhere. ”

Dawn Tordoff: “Before we build more houses, infrastructure needs to be addressed. Roads can’t cope. GWH can’t cope. It doesn’t just cater to patients in Swindon, so a continued increase in the population is putting additional pressure on an already struggling health system.

The city center cannot cope with the old population, let alone the new and planned. There are not enough medical establishments to keep up with the current demand (before Covid, not to mention the increase in the population.

“Swindon is no longer able to meet the demand for services.

The expansion to Wichelstowe is not even complete yet, nor to Barbury Park, nor the start of expansion to the east near Wanborough. ”

Katie Lewis: “Can’t we at least have a cycle path to Highworth? More cars but still no provision for people who want to walk and cycle.

Amy Francis: “I’m all for new homes to be built as long as the infrastructure is there. Something major needs to be done to help those who want to gain ownership. Many of these new builds are quite expensive, especially for a first-time buyer.

“There are a lot of people who rent out and want to own their own home but can’t due to the high rental costs and inability to save a decent down payment, as well as house prices rising every year, so renters are chasing.I know home builders have to provide a proportion of affordable housing, but those houses are usually donated to council for those in need of relocation.

“There are tenants stuck in the middle who can’t afford to rent and save for a house, but who don’t qualify for affordable housing.


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