GSU Receives $3.25 Million Grant for Medical Laboratory Science Program


SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) – Georgia Southern University has just received a $3.25 million grant that will help it expand the diversity of the medical laboratory science program at the Armstrong campus.

Although these medical professionals typically perform testing behind the scenes, their role is critical to community health.

Over the next five years, students from disadvantaged backgrounds can apply for a scholarship of up to $40,000 per year.

School leaders believe this is a big step towards better thinking and better service to the community.

GSU has already won the scholarship. Over the past three years‚ they have seen the diversity in their classes increase by 50%.

“It is especially rewarding for me to see my students working so hard to graduate and have successful careers and for me the scholarship really means that I am able to show my students, my future students, that their lives matter really for us and the lives of their families and the lives of their communities and they are able to carry on. This scholarship is life-changing,” said Amy Frazier, instructor for the Medical Laboratory Science Program in the Department of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Science at Georgia Southern University.

GSU’s medical laboratory science program is a four-year degree and leaders claim to have a 100% placement rate.

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