Face shields in QC are only required in medical facilities


(PNA archive photo)

MANILA – The use of face screens in Quezon City is only mandatory inside hospitals and quarantine facilities, the city government said on Monday as it beat yet another fake news.

In a telephone interview on Monday, Mayor Joy Belmonte denied the false information that circulated on social networks.

“I would like to point out that with regard to the municipal decree, IATF (Inter-Agency Task Force) protocols, it’s inside hospitals only and quarantine facilities and all high-risk places, ”Belmonte said, urging the public not to be fall prey to fake news.

QC Order No.3079 stipulates that the use of face shields is not mandatory in public places and will only be required below alert level 5.

“Under Alert Level 5, all persons must, at all times, wear a face shield over a face shield on board public transport, inside markets or in indoor spaces and closed from identified commercial establishments and workplaces in Quezon City, regardless of the duration in public transport, markets or indoor and enclosed spaces of identified commercial establishments and workplaces, the purpose of their presence or the proximity to another person, ”says the order.

Also on Monday, the mayor sent a team to a shopping mall in Cubao district and a supermarket in Barangay Kamuning following complaints that customers were refused entry because they did not wear screens. facial.

Kung meron silang sariling patakaran na ipinasa ng kanilang private management, sana is ipaskil nila ang Council resolution na ‘yan sa pinaka– visible part ng kanilang local for taong bayan is makita na ito is patakaran ng (If private management has passed a resolution, they should post it in the most visible area of ​​their premises so people know it’s the rule of the) mall, ”Belmonte said.

Otherwise, the private establishment could be sanctioned, she added.

Unless there is a resolution requiring face shields, the public can report such incidents to the city hotline 122.

As of Sunday, the city had 20,402 active cases of Covid-19. (ANP)


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