Bangladesh regulator orders private medical institutions to post registration details


The Directorate General of Health Services has ordered all private medical establishments nationwide to list their license details on their signs as part of a crackdown on unregistered establishments.

In an order issued on Thursday, the health directorate warned that punitive action will be taken against those who fail to comply with the directive.

“All private hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and blood banks must display the license number and its expiry date on their signs. If necessary, they should display it with a QR code. Otherwise, they will face legal consequences.

The move aims to ensure proper services to patients in medical institutions and bring transparency to the health sector, according to DGHS Director Md Belal Hossain.

“On many occasions, the DGHS has found hospitals or clinics operating without authorization. Through this process, we can easily identify installations that are not authorized. If they have a registration number, they must display it. A number of legal provisions apply here. First, they will be notified. If they still fail to register, we will close [the hospital or clinic] down.”

The health directorate launched a campaign against unregistered private medical institutions on August 29. As many as 700 establishments across Bangladesh have been closed for failing to meet registration requirements, while authorities have also levied fines worth 1.1 million taka until August 31.


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