If you are a playstation game lover, then you would Ps4 means in the gaming community. With gamers wanting more and more from the launch of this console, it indeed would not be wrong to say that it lives up to their expectations. With a great set of features on offer, the Sony Ps4 has taken the gaming arena by storm.

Created to address the shortcomings that were prominent in its predecessor, the Sony Ps4 has everything you ever wanted in a gaming console. With thoughtful consideration to each and every aspect of a gaming console, the designers have assembled a “beauty with brains” product. Each and every thing that you see and experience via the Sony PS4, speaks of the dedication with which it is built.

To start with, the PS4 is comfortable and super easy to operate, a major attribute that the PS3 lacked. A major problem that customers had with the PS3 was the discomfort they faced while using the controller. The Dualshock4 renders it the much required control, which all gamers had been looking for. A combination of powerful inbuilt features, generateur de code psn and an edgy, sharp and beautiful outlook makes the PS4 an eye candy. The fusion of the matte finish with the glossy one, gives it a very unique look, which is sure to be liked by one and all.

The other little, big things that set apart this gaming console from the rest of its contenders are:

  • Simply hit the button on your playstation to suspend any game.

  • Enhance the setting of your playstation, while playing your game. No need to switch to a new screen.

  • The bifurcated user ID system, which was a part of PS3, has been removed in PS4. This allows you to directly download your profile, rather than going through the association process.

  • Switching between various apps is easier than before with the double-tapping feature of the playstation button.

  • Gamers can join the game being played by other gamers who are in their friends list.

  • The newly introduced independent party chat allows gamers to connect with up to 8 people at the same time.

  • The “What’s New” section at the main screen provides the gamers a glimpse of what their friends are up to.

  • The limit of number of friends in the PSN, has been increased to a good 2,000.


Along with these exemplary features, Sony PS4 game also strengthens the bond between you and your friends. With a common interest in gaming and zeal to beat others, you can challenge any friend or other gamers. If you happen to succeed in beating them at the game, you can even flaunt your accomplishments on your social networking sites as well. With an added advantage to connect with friends via PSN makes the gaming experience all the more fun and engaging. So go ahead and treat yourself to a Sony PS4 game, call over your friends and have a cheerful time playing with them.